If you're adding a site to your Zope instance account hosted by us, there are a number of things to consider; the first is whether you want us to be the registrar for the domain, and whether we should manage DNS.

If you're unsure (don't have any reasons for managing it yourself), we should be the registrar, and the host of DNS. See more information about how to transfer the domain and DNS in the "Domains and name servers" howto.

Now, let's assume that everything is OK with email and the domain/DNS; then what you need to do is add an entry for the site in your Apache configuration file, and the location of it is


open it up in your favorite editor, and paste in the configuration generated through our Apache configurator:


the server you need to select is the one where your instance is hosted, usually zooropa.nidelven-it.no, and so on. If you have a dedicated IP, enter that instead. The Zope port is the port on which your Zope is running, which is for example 11080, which means that your Zope is accessible via


The zope path is the path to the object you wish to publish, if it's a Plone site called plone, and it's residing in your Zope root, use the zope path plone (don't add any slashes at the start or end).

Finally you need to set the username (which is your SSH login) and the domain (which is how people will access your site when everything is done).

Now press on "Generate apache configuration" and paste it into your apache.conf file, and send and email to us asking for a restart. :-)

If you don't want to configure Apache and such yourself, you can always purchase our paid support package and we'll setup everything for you, each time.