If you need to debug or restart your Zope, first log in as described in the "Using ssh" howto.

If you need to restart Zope, simply call

  ~/zope/instance/bin/zopectl restart

and you'll see something along the lines of this

  . . daemon process restarted, pid=16430

which means that the Zope process has been restarted. It can take some time (5-30 seconds) before it responds using your browser.

If you need to debug Zope (it doesn't start when you use the restart command), first edit the Zope configuration file, located in


and add the line

  debug-mode on

and then start Zope using the command


you'll then have Zope running 'in the foreground', and Zope will tell you what it's doing and why it has problems starting. You can stop Zope from running in 'foreground mode' by pressing Ctrl-C.

When you've debugged Zope and are ready to run it as usual, restart it using the steps described at the top.