To transfer your domain to us, make sure that the administrative contact info for the domain is up to date with an administrative email address that works, so that our registrar can send an email to that address to confirm the transfer.  Also make sure that any transfer locks are turned off, before you ask us to begin to transfer to our registrar.

When the domain is ordered by us, the administrative email address will receive an email asking for confirmation of the transfer, unless it is a .org domain where we require an AUTH CODE which you can receive from the current registrar to complete the transfer.

When the domain transfer is done, we're able to update it with new DNS info, if you haven't already transferred DNS to us.  If you're already running a site, let us know when you're ready to switch DNS for the domain over to us, and that should be requested once the website and email accounts/lists has been setup on the account hosted by us.

If you want to manage the domain at your current registrar and use our DNS services, use the name servers


if you're not able to set 3 nameservers, start at the top and add as many as you can;  this is for improved redundancy in case any of the name servers go down.

So, to summarize the process for moving a domain and website:
The process for moving a domain where the website is already hosted by us is:
The process for moving DNS for a site hosted by us is
Please Note: Our old name servers were   dns1.nettica.com