If you have your own Zope instance, you might want to install additional Zope products so we've written up this howto for your convenience.

First you need to login to your SSH account, you can do this by by using a client like Putty or ssh if you're on Linux/Mac OS X.  See the SSH howto for more information on how to access your shell account.

Now, once you're logged in via SSH, use the command

  cd ~/zope/instance/Products

and download the product you're installing using the command

  wget <url>

where the URL might be http://issuedealer.com/IssueDealer-0.9.89.tar.gz, or something like it, depending on which product you're installing.

Then unpack the product you installed, using either the command

  tar xzfv IssueDealer-0.9.89.tar.gz


  unzip productname.zip

if it's a ZIP file.  The product is now installed, and you're ready to restart Zope, which is done using the command

  ~/zope/instance/bin/zopectl restart

Voila, product installed.  If this doesn't work, send us an email and we'll see what we can do.  :)