To migrate an existing Zope instance to us (with add-on Products such as Plone or Silva), notify us of which version of Zope you are currently running, and we will setup an instance with a matching version.

If you have additional requirements such as one or more MySQL databases let us know and we'll make the proper arrangements for that as well.

Then, when you receive the login details, upload your Data.fs file to the directory


and all your Products to


when that's done, notify us and we'll help you configure Apache and such to make the site work. If you are currently hosting the Zope instance in a UNIX enviroment, uploading the Data.fs file should be as easy as (from the current Zope var directory)

  scp -C Data.fs USERNAME@server.nidelven-it.no:/home/USERNAME/zope/instance/var

If you're mounting any external databases, make sure you copy the *.fs files for those as well, and send over a copy of the zope.conf file in the zope/instance/etc directory.

and uploading products as easy as (from the Zope Products directory)

  scp -Cr * USERNAME@server.nidelven-it.no:/home/USERNAME/zope/instance/Products

and uploading external methods is done from the Zope Extensions directory:

  scp -Cr * USERNAME@server.nidelven-it.no:/home/USERNAME/zope/instance/Extensions

make sure that the existing Zope instance is shut down or you are working on a copy of the Data.fs file that isn't being written to when sending it over to our servers.

If you're currently hosted on Windows, a tool such as pscp can be used:


or you can use something like WinSCP