To setup mail accounts for a domain, you need to have an administrative email account; get in touch with us and ask us to set it up and we'll send you the relevant username and password.

To login to the mail administration interface, go to


and login with the username/password you were provided. From the email administration interface you're able to add accounts as well as forwards.

To add an account, click on the "Add account to this site" link and enter name of the owner (like John Smith), the username (for example jonh.smith) and then the password. Note that the password can't be shorter than 4 characters or longer than 8 characters, if you use a longer password you'll run into problems later.

To add a forward, click on the "Add forward to this site" link and fill in the address you want to forward for (for example info). Then go back to the account/forward listing and click on the toolbox icon for the forward you just added, and add a forwarding email address, the email address that will receive emails sent to info. For example john.smith@domain.com.

To setup your email client to use our mail system, enter the incoming address mail.mailgateway.no and the outgoing server smtp.mailgateway.no. Both incoming and outgoing email require authentication, so check off for that as well. If you experience problems with outgoing email, try turning encryption off.

Webmail is accessible via https://webmail.mailgateway.no