To setup mailing lists, first add a regular account. To read more about setting up email accounts, see "Setting up email".

When you have created an account, go into the preferences for that account (by clicking on the toolbox icon in the account list). Click on the link towards the bottom which says "Set mailboxer URL". Enter the web address of the mailing list; this mail setup works with the Zope products Mailboxer, listen and IssueDealer mailing lists, so enter an address like




and emails received through the account address will be sent to that address.

There is a simpler way of setting up a mailing list, if you don't need a public archive or advanced options. This mailing list can be setup by creating an account and then creating forwards in that account to email addresses that are a part of the list. Emails sent to the account address will then be forwarded to all email addresses registered as forwards from that account.

To setup a forward, go into account details, click on "Add new forward" and enter the email address you want to forward to and press submit.