To access your Zope instance on the filesystem level, either to restart it, debug it or install new products, you'll need to log into the server using a client like Putty (on Windows) or a terminal window with SSH on Mac OS X/Linux.

This howto will cover both platforms, first we'll cover how to access the server using Putty.  You can download the latest version of Putty from this page - save it locally and double-click on the file once it has been downloaded.

You should then be presented with this window:

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Now enter the hostname which your instance is located on in the highlighted area and press open.  You should then be presented with this window where you enter the username and password:

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and you should then finally be presented with the prompt for your shell, which looks something like this:

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That's how it works if you're using Putty.  If you want to use ssh on a UNIX system (Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux) open up a terminal window and enter the command

  ssh -l username hostname

in my case I'm logging in as morphex on thinkering.nidelven-it.no:

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once the password is entered, you'll receive the prompt from your shell and you're now able to do work on your account.  :)